With Little or No Effort

Complimentary Webinar for Established Financial and Insurance Advisors with at least 8 or more years Experience!




Let your clients break down doors and become powerful business generators for you!

Start leveraging the enormous influence your 'A' clients have to get you introduced to exactly the right people, exactly the right time, and exactly the way you want.

By attending this webinar, you'll hear many examples of how others have done it with awesome results...You'll be stimulated by the ideas on forging strong partnerships with your best clients.

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How to Develop Clients into Advocates
Wednesday, February 27th @ 11:00am EST
If you can't make the online webinar that day, register and you can download the material off of our website after the webinar.

In 75 minutes, you will learn:


  • The critical criteria you want in a powerful advocate

  • The steps to take to develop your best clients into advocates
  • Tips on how to coach them so they both get you in front of key decision makers and 'set the table' so you are well received
  • Identify specific clients who may be willing to provide referrals

  • Provide data to build deeper relationships

  • Precisely what causes a client to be motivated to refer

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Paul Tindall


A few Client Comments

"There was a day when I would take any business that walked in the door. I'm more particular these days. Paul helped me with that". - IM, Nesbitt Burns

"It's amazing how I have learned to comfortably ask for referrals at this point in my business. I was totally not comfortable before, and got no referrals, but it's transformed..." - RA, Wood Gundy

"... this new process does not feel manipulative and doesn't make me feel needy or greedy when asking my clients for referrals. In fact, it actually enhances the relationship with my clients..." - SF, Assante

"My client retention has improved. Multiple sales to individuals are the norm rather than the exception. Referrals are routine rather than rare and I earn them rather than ask for them". - JD, Freedom 55 Financial

"Paul - I feel very comfortable with this referral strategy process and it works; it enhances the relationships I have with my clients, even when they don't give me referrals!" - AL, Scotia McLeod